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An Ounce of Prevention provides practical and carefully researched responses to such questions as:

  • Are some people born gay?

  • How well have Christians responded to gender confusion?

  • What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

  • What role should families, friends and churches play?

  • Can homosexuality be prevented?

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"I wish we could put this book into the hands of everyone who works with youth.  Don Schmierer has given us a compassionate, educational, and very hopeful book on a subject that is troubling millions of young people today."
Jim Burns, Ph.D.
President, National Institute of Youth Ministry

What's a Father to Do?  Author, counselor and father of two Don Schmierer speaks man-to-man with dads about the problems that can arise with growing kids - problems like addictions, eating disorders, promiscuity and same-sex attractions.  And he doesn't mince words.  

So here's the bottom line.  As fathers:

  • Have we established a pattern of open communication with our children?

  • Have we reached out to our children, being receptive to their felt needs?

  • Have we given our children dignity?

  • Have we set up loving boundaries, so our children have a clear sense of right and wrong?

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  • Who inflicted on you the deepest wound or wounds you've ever experienced?

  • Do you still feel the pain of that wound (those wounds) today?

  • Do you ever ask yourself why God let such a thing happen to you? Do you feel anger toward Him?

  • Do you feel anger toward others? Do you have a need to control, a desire for vengeance, or a habit of intimidating others to compensate for your terrifying feelings of powerlessness?

If any of these questions apply to you, you'll find help in Healing Wounds of the Past. As author Don Schmierer writes in the introduction, "Because I want to help you understand and experience healing and inner peace, I will get to the point; my style is going to be straight forward - as we say in the West, 'no punches pulled.' My prayer for you, when you've finished reading, is that you will truly experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding."

Available in the following translations:
•English •Spanish •Portuguese
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•Tamil •Telugu •Bengali
•Malayalam •Kanada •Assamese
•Hindi •Marathi •Nepalνfont>
•Sinhalese •Oriya •Gujarati
•Punjabi •Tagalog (Filipino) •Cebuano (Filipino)
"The message of Healing Wounds of the Past really caught my attention. The stories are moving and the interpretations and applications of the Bible are powerful. I can anticipate workshops being held where time is set aside for people to be ministered to in small groups. I can already envision hundreds of people being emotional healed and restored through reading the book. "
Dr. Nori Menendex, M.A., M.D.
(Trained in Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology)


Celebrating God's Design is a youth program with a difference - allowing teenagers to talk, think and pray about such  perplexing issues as gender, tolerance, sexuality, friendship, & family challenges.   A Balanced  & Biblical perspective on today's toughest youth issues.

  • What makes other people the way they are?

  • Why am I this way?

  • Can people change?  If so, how?

Three Modules with four sessions each.
Youth video with five minute introductions for each of the twelve sessions.  Basic price $10.00.

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Giving Pastoral Care - Addressing Gender Issues DVD

Also Available as a CD

A timely video seminar addressing today's toughest youth issues.

Join Don Schmierer, author of the book, An Ounce of Prevention and What's a Father to Do?, as he discusses how to deal with issues on gender, tolerance, sexuality, friendship and family challenges. Presented from a balanced and biblical perspective, this video is ideal for youth pastors, counselors, youth leaders and, most especially, parents.

Available in the following translations:
• English
Don Schmierer has been active in interpersonal ministry and counseling for four decades. While serving in the Navy in 1958, he joined the staff of The Navigators which involved military and campus outreach. He founded "His Servants" in 1983, continuing to work among students, business professionals and church leaders. He and his wife Diana have helped operate several Christian addiction recovery programs. Don and Diana have been married for more than 40 years. They live on a farm in Northern California.


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